About Raggs2Enrichment's Ragdoll Cats

Our Purpose

Seal Point Bi-color Ragdoll Cat

Raggs2Enrichment is home to healthy and well adjusted ragdoll kittens and offers a wide selection of products to keep your special pet healthy and happy. From grooming and dietary needs to flea medications, wormer and recommended toys, we are your number one resource for everything you need to raise a healthy ragdoll kitten .

Our Ragdoll Kittens

Blue Point Bi-color Ragdoll Kitten

Our ragdoll kittens make excellent family pets. Not only are they hypoallergenic for the majority of allergy sufferers, they can also be kept completely indoors. Ragdoll cats are intelligent and social which makes them quite trainable. Many of our clients keep in touch with us about their kitten and boast about the tasks they've taught their new pet.

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Our Mission

Lilac Point Bi-color Ragdoll Kitten

Raggs2Enrichment's mission is to ensure that our new pet owners have the knowledge and resources they need to keep their ragdoll kitten happy and healthy.

Questions and comments regarding ragdolls cats can be directed to our forum at RagdollTalk.com, or you can contact us directly. We are always happy to help!

Note: Your privacy is guaranteed. We do not share any information with third parties.